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Global Associates has the full BIM capabilities with BIM Models and Coordination Software to interrogate the models and proposed service routes. BIM is mostly about MEP and we take pride that we understand the detailing expertise that is needed to ensure we deliver value to every project.
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We have the expertise to combine 3D structural, architectural and MEP CAD files into our Coordination Software system, generating a usable BIM model for collision detection, 4D design simulations, 3D coordination, collaboration, visualization and installation sequencing in design and construction to help all project stakeholders for design review and identify and address design issues and potential worksite collisions errors on early stage and save time.

By combining 2D and 3D drawing capabilities with our supplemental software, Coordination Software®, we facilitate clients to visualize the services as they will be installed and considerably improve workflow, coordination and quality before start of construction preventing any added costs or surprises along the way.

All services conflicts within the project will be bring to light and the resulting report will then be generated in a format of your choice.

We can ensure our clients that no problems will be raised at the time of installation and adequate space will exist for access and future maintenance.


Coordination Softwarework services
We run Coordination Software in our projects to carry out coordination of piping, electrical, and duct systems & detect interferences (clash, collision) between architectural and engineering BIM models.

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Coordination Softwarework and BIM
Coordination Software solutions are at the center of every building information modelling (BIM) process. Coordination Software amalgamates building informations, geometry and models from ...

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Coordination Softwarework for large scale projects
Coordination Software includes a suite of several different tools that together provide many of the capabilities of the applications like real-time walk-through and ...

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Coordination Softwarework based Coordination Services
Surveyor plugin to Coordination Software is a simple but powerful plug-in to CAD® Coordination Software® that enables Project Managers, Design Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Construction Engineers and ...

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